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Life Groups

connect, grow and thrive

Our VCC Life Groups meet in homes all across Vienna and simply share life together. Life Groups are the way we make a big church feel small and personal.

By joining a Life Group, you’ll find support and a sense of belonging. You’ll grow in your relationship with God alongside others who resonate with similar life experiences. You’ll find meaningful relationships with people who genuinely care about one another through every season of life.

We invite you to join us as we connect, grow and thrive!

Common Questions

Real people meet to talk about real life. We don’t pretend to be super-spiritual rather seek to help each other grow in our walk of faith with Jesus. Some groups may do a Bible study or focus on a specific theme while others use the message from the weekend to talk about in a more practical way.

Life Groups meet weekly but we also have scheduled semesters and natural breaks for holidays throughout the year.

Most Life Groups meet in the homes of our members or at a cafe while a few may meet at the church.

Most people make friends for life through our Life Groups but sometimes people move or choose to try a new group.

We cannot offer childcare but we do offer a variety of groups for men, women, married couples and students.